Utility models: CIS Countries

Utility models: CIS Countries

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Patenting Utility Models in CIS Countries

The ways of obtaining patent for a utility model in CIS countries are the following:

  • filing Application with the Patent Office of each of the selected countries. This approach is more convenient if you are interested in one or two CIS countries;
  • entering Application into the national phase according to the PCT procedure.

Alternatively to inventions, utility models are not protected by the Eurasian patent.

Documents which are to be provided by the client:

  • Application materials, namely utility model specification, claims, abstract.
  • Drawings, if any. 
  • Information about priority Application or PCT application.
  • Priority document in case of conventional Application.
  • Power of Attorney executed according to the form provided by the Patent Attorney.

The validity term of the patent for a utility model may vary from 8 to 10 years in most countries. The validity of the patent is to be maintained by the payment of the established annuities.

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