Customs Register: Ukraine

Customs Register: Ukraine

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Recordal of IP objects in the Customs Register of Ukraine 

If the owner of an intellectual property object or another  authorized person  has some reasons to believe that there is actual or possible violation of  his rights when  his goods cross the customs border, it is necessary to record the intellectual property object in the Customs Register of Ukraine.

Documents to be provided by the client:

  1. Information about the protection  –  document confirming registration of intellectual property rights in Ukraine.
  2. Specimens of the intellectual property object or photo image thereof.
  3. Information about the intellectual property object for visualising, describing and identifying it.
  4. Information about the countries, manufacturers and methods of transportation of infringing goods, if any.
  5. Power of Attorney executed according to the form provided by the Patent Attorney.
  6. In some cases, additional documents may be needed.

According to the existing legislation, the object may remain in the Customs Register of Ukraine for 6 months or 1 year, depending on the wish of the object’s owner. Extension of this period is possible but limited by the term of the object rights validity.

If there is a violation of intellectual property rights in respect of objects entered in the Customs Register, customs clearance of such goods is suspended for a period of up to 10 days. After both parties have been notified by the customs representatives, the owner of the object recorded in the Customs Register informs the customs administration that there are no claims or takes actions to protect his rights. If a violation of rights is not established, the owner of the object is obliged to reimburse the customs service for the expenses involved with the storage of goods and the losses incurred by the owner of the goods.

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