Trademarks: Ukraine

Trademarks: Ukraine

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Trademark Registration in Ukraine

Trademarks are used to distinguish the goods and services owned by different persons.

The designations that can obtain protection as trademarks in Ukraine are verbal, figurative, three-dimensional designations and combinations thereof.

Before applying  trademark designation for registration, it would be reasonable to conduct the search of identical or confusingly similar marks that may be an obstacle for the said designation registration as a trademark.

Documents which are to be provided by the client:

  1. Trademark image.
  2. List of goods and services to be claimed.
  3. Applicant’s name and address.
  4. Power of Attorney executed according to the form provided by the Patent Attorney.

The stages of trademark registration in Ukraine:

Trademark registration in Ukraine

Usually term of a mark registration is 18–20 months. There is also a procedure for accelerated registration of a trademark, the duration of which is 7–8 months.

Trademark certificate validity term is 10 years.  It may be extended for 10 years each time when expired.

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