Patents, Trademarks & Copyright

Patents, Trademarks & Copyright

Patent and Law Agency Vulikh & Vulikh offers a full range of legal services to protect your IP rights in Ukraine


Need assistance with your invention patenting? We would be delighted to help!

Registration, annuity payment, protection of patent rights, etc.


Have a trademark to be registered in Ukraine? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

TM registration, renewal, replies to provisional refusals of protection, etc.


Dreaming about protecting your design? Let’s get to work!

Registration, annuity payment, protection of patent rights, etc.


Have created picture, novel, song or something original? We are ready to register your rights.

Registration and subsequent protection of copyright

  • What are IP rights?

    IP designates types of property that are results of creations of the human mind. IP rights’ owners obtain exclusive rights over the use of their creation for a period of time defined by the country’s legislation. Depending on the type of creation IP rights are divided into two groups – copyright and related rights, and industrial property related. The latter includes among others rights to inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications.

  • Why you should protect your IP rights?

    Whereas previously such tangible assets as factories and manufacturing equipment represented the main value for enterprises, now it is intangible assets, like intellectual property, that are playing an increasingly important role. Recently more and more companies note importance of IP rights that can help in creating beneficial partnerships, finding new investors. The IP portfolio is a significant indicator of a company’s potential and may directly influence its stock prices.

    By registering your IP rights you receive exclusive rights over the use of your IP object. You may prohibit others from using it or give permission to use it for a certain fee.

  • Why you should choose us as your representative?

    Over the years since 1992, due to high responsibility, professionalism, and quality that meet international standards, we have gained a high reputation in Ukraine and abroad.

    Our education, competence, years of experience and the availability of highly qualified specialists allow us to provide high-quality services in all aspects related to intellectual property rights, including rights to inventions, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright and related rights, and protection from unfair competition.


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