Utility models: Ukraine

Utility models: Ukraine

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Patenting of Utility Models in Ukraine

Patent for a utility model provides its owner with the opportunity to protect his technical solution. Having obtained a patent for a utility model, you will be able to prohibit others from using it or give permission to use it for a certain fee.

Patent Attorneys of Ukraine Vulikh & Vulikh provides the full range of services for patenting utility models: from identification of the object of patenting, determination of its patentability and filing Application with the State Patent Office of Ukraine, to obtaining patent and maintaining fees payment.

Documents which are provided by the client:

  1. Application materials, namely utility model specification, claims, abstract.
  2. Drawings, if any.
  3. Power of Attorney executed according to the form provided by the Patent Attorney. 

Utility model is to meet criteria of novelty and industrial applicability, and alternatively to the invention, the availability of such a feature as inventive step for the utility model is not obligatory.

The stages of registration of patent for utility model in Ukraine:

Registration of patent for utility model in Ukraine

Usually, the patent obtaining procedure takes about 8–10 months, but may be speeded up to 3–4 months.

During the examination of the Application, various notifications and requests may be received from the Examination Authorities. Extensive practice and many years of experience in patenting allow us to engage in constructive dialogue with Examination Authorities of the State Patent Office of Ukraine and successfully defend interests of our clients.

After patent obtaining, its validity is to be maintained by the payment of the established annuities. The validity term of patent for utility model is 10 years.

Have a utility model that you need to register? Contact us! Our specialists will give competent and clear answers to all your questions and provide all necessary services for successful patenting of your utility model in Ukraine and other countries.