Copyright: Ukraine

Copyright: Ukraine

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Copyright Protection in Ukraine

Copyright may be applied to any original work of art, literature or science, literary, musical, cinematographic works, computer programs, electronic databases, etc.

According to the existing legislation in the field of copyright, the protection covers a work from the very moment of its creation, and does not require any special registration. However, as in the future it might be necessary to have evidence of the authorship, that is why it is reasonable to register copyright.

The author of the work may be the individual only.

But the owner of the property related to copyright may be not the individual only but the legal entity as well.

Copyright related to the work created in Ukraine is valid not only in the territory of Ukraine, but in all countries – parties of the Bern Convention. In 2019 we have  176 of them.

However, there are other countries, e.g. the USA, where additional registration is required to protect copyright.

Documents required for the registration of copyright (published or unpublished work) in material form.

  1. Document certifying fact and date of creation or publication of the work.
  2. Data about the Applicant.
  3. Power of Attorney. The form is provided by a Patent Attorney.
  4. Document certifying transfer of the author’s property right by inheritance (if the Application is filed by the author’s heir).
  5. Other documents depending on the work’s type.

Documents required for the registration of the related rights as to the author’s rights to the work (rights to a course-of-duty work, assignment (alienation) deeds of proprietary rights to the work):

  1. Copy of the work in material form.
  2. Copy of the author’s contract confirming assignment (alienation) of rights to use the work. If assignment (alienation) of proprietary rights or rights to use the work is performed by a holder of exclusive proprietary rights to the work, but not by an author, a document confirming exclusive proprietary rights to the work is to be added to the request. 
  3. Data about the Applicant.
  4. Power of Attorney. The form is provided by a Patent Attorney.
  5. Other documents depending on the case.

Protection of proprietary rights in Ukraine exists during the author’s life plus 70 years more after his death.

 The term of protection in other countries may vary, but according to the Bern Convention, it is at least 50 years after the death of the author.

 Protection of the author’s non-proprietary rights has no expiration date.

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