The best inventions of 2019 according to Time Magazine

The best inventions of 2019 according to Time Magazine

It is customary to sum up the results at the end of the year, and thus getting to know some of the best world inventions of 2019 is an ideal way to do this.

Robot teacher “Roybi Robot”

Now in case of difficulties with the upbringing and education of your child, you can always turn to a real robot. Roybi Robot helps children of age 3 to 7 learn the language and develop their abilities in mathematics, technology, and engineering. The presence of the artificial intelligence component in the robot allows him to develop lesson plans taking into account the peculiarities of a child’s perception of the material. Roybi has plenty of stories, songs, and specially crafted exercises and tasks in stock.

OR Black Box

This invention is based on the principle of a flight recorder.

OR Black Box is designed to store information obtained during surgical operations. It records audio and video data of the operation process, indicators of the vital functions of the patient’s body, data obtained from electronic surgical instruments. Such information may be used for further analysis of the patient’s condition or as educational material.

Assistant “Stevie”

As you know, the aging of nations has become characteristic for many developed countries, and therefore there is a shortage of workers in nursing homes. To solve this problem Dublin company “Akara Robotics” created and introduced Stevie the Assistive Robot to the world. Stevie’s wide range of features includes abilities to communicate, play games, deliver essential items, conduct video chats, and more.

Starkey Livio AI

According to the WHO, at the beginning of 2019, about 466 million people had hearing problems. According to experts, in 2050 this figure could rise up to 900 million. However, many people still refuse to use traditional hearing aids, considering it to be an indicator of physical weakness.

The company “Starkey Hearing Technologies” has created a device that performs not only the standard functions of hearing aid but can, for example, act as a smart assistant and translator, measure indicators of physical activity, etc. As you may see, this device incorporates the most popular functions of modern gadgets and becomes a reliable assistant in the era of modern technology.

Playground Games by “Biba”

As you may know, nowadays there is an acute problem of the dependence of children on smartphones and tablets. Recognizing this issue, “Biba Ventures” has created a free mobile app aimed at reducing time spent by children in the company of devices.

In order to participate in the game quests, you need to scan special tags of augmented reality located in almost 5 thousand parks. Then, the game starts, which may include, for example, overcoming real obstacles, such as horizontal bars or slides. Thus, the child not only has immense fun but also remains physically active. To date, more than a thousand cities in ten countries of the world enjoy these amusing tags.

Tile Smart Alerts

How many of us have ever forgotten keys or wallet? No problem! The manufacturer of small trackers that may easily be attached, for example, to a keychain, has found a solution to this problem. If the owner leaves the premises without the necessary item, he receives a special message-reminder. This app is included in the premium subscription, which costs users $2.99 per month.

Source: Time

It is with such inventions that we will remember 2019. But what will 2020 have in store for us? Perhaps it is you who will become the creator of a new invention that will receive worldwide recognition in 2020.

The team of “VULIKH and VULIKH” wishes you a Happy New Year! We wish you peace, strength, and creative inspiration! See you in 2020!