Please welcome WIPO PROOF, an all-new online business service

Please welcome WIPO PROOF, an all-new online business service

On May 27, 2020, WIPO introduced WIPO PROOF, a new member of its IP services system that provides its users with a possibility of obtaining tamper-proof evidence of the existence of a digital file at a specific moment in time.

In the age of a digital community, a large amount of data files is disseminated via various channels causing such files to become subject to the risk of misuse and misappropriation.

WIPO PROOF may assist you with mitigation of such risks, by providing date- and time-stamped fingerprint of your digital file, thus taking on the role of some kind of a digital notary. 

To receive a fingerprint the user is to visit WIPO PROOF’s website and request a WIPO PROOF token for a chosen digital file. Tokens may be purchased separately for a fee beginning from 20 CHF, or in bundles for a fee beginning from 190 CHF for a bundle of 10 tokens.

Please kindly note that your file remains completely confidential since WIPO does not read your file’s contents or save its copy. The user obtains their token and another copy thereof is stored on WIPO servers.

In conclusion, whether your file relates to trade secrets, creative works, research results or business records, it is always reasonable to take all necessary steps to protect your data, prepare for any possible legal disputes in advance and create a solid foundation for a potential registration, if any.